Products for love

Since ancient times love has been sung in Indian legends, and the physical closeness between a man and a woman was considered like a divine. Many treatises were devoted to the art of gentle hugs and caresses, including the famous Kamasutra. Behind the walls of magnificent palaces the first beauties of the great principalities appeased the rulers using the secrets of seduction. Indian men brought them to the highest degree of pleasure without losing strength for several hours. Ayurveda attaches great importance to the human sexual energy, which is a reflection of mental and physical health. Getting and giving pleasure lovers come closer to the divine state. Therefore, Indians have always had at their disposal natural remedies for arousing mutual desire, plant tonics for maintaining and restoring male power. Care was taken to strengthen women’s health. The author of the Kama Sutra urged to treat sex as an art. One of the main tasks of a woman was to care for her beauty in order to appear before her chosen one in all her splendor. So special oils made the skin not only especially velvety, but also stimulated the flow of blood to the necessary parts of the body to enhance orgasm. The sacrament was also in creating the right atmosphere. The bedroom should have been filled with the stupefying aroma of incense, the basis for which were aphrodisiac plants. A special “love” diet was also prescribed: nuts, natural sweets and, of course, spices have a beneficial effect on the organism heated by desire.

Until now the fame of Indian passion and intricate sexual poses excite the fantasies of men and women around the world. Ancient recipes are actively used to create a safe Indian “Viagra” with modern Ayurvedic brands. Effective means to stimulate female and male orgasms take on the convenient form of tablets and capsules. And in order to buy all this it is not necessary to go to India! It is enough to place an order in Internet at affordable prices, and the parcel will be delivered directly to your home.