Power outages in Goa

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Goa often experiences power outages which cause inconvenience to locals and tourists. However, such problems are resolved quickly and outages usually do not last long. In this article, we will take a closer look at the causes of such problems and the measures that are taken to resolve them.

During periods of high electricity demand, there may be temporary power cuts due to overloading of the grid. During the hot season, electricity demand increases greatly due to the use of air-conditioners, and during the monsoon, heavy rains and storms hit Goa, which can lead to temporary power outages.

Goa depends on electricity production in other states in India, which can sometimes cause transportation problems.

Technical faults in equipment or power lines can also be a frequent cause of power problems.

Which power plants serve Goa

power stations, goa,  india, электростанции в гоа, Goa power plant, Гоа

In Goa, electricity is supplied from a variety of sources, including in-state and out-of-state plants. Here are some of them:

  • Goa thermal power plant with an installed capacity of about 1200 MW, is located in Vasco da Gama.
  • Karnataka power plant with an installed capacity of about 1,700 MW is located in Karnataka State and supplies electricity to Goa through high voltage transmission lines.
  • Dabhol station of about 1200 MW, located in the state of Maharashtra, supplies electricity through an underwater cable.
  • Power outages in Goa and solutions with an installed capacity of about 920 MW, also located in the state of Maharashtra and supplies current through high voltage lines.
  • In addition, there are small solar and wind power plants operating in Goa.

Eliminating interruptions

power stations, goa,  india, электростанции в гоа, Goa power plant, Гоа

To improve the electricity supply, new plants are being built and existing plants are being modernised. A new 400 MW thermal power plant is currently under construction in the region. Work is also underway to replace obsolete equipment and networks and to improve the monitoring and control system of the power system. New submarine cables are being built.

New technologies such as smart grids, storage systems and renewable energy are being used to improve the efficiency of the energy supply system. Electricity demand management systems are helping to make more efficient use of energy resources. Overall, these measures will increase the reliability and stability of power supply in Goa and meet the needs of locals and tourists. But it is still a problem that cannot be solved completely.

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