Ancient Technology For The Modern Mind

Timeless methods from a realized master provide a contemporary guide to manage our interiority.

Publisher: Isha Foundation/Coimbatore/India; 1st edition (19 August 2008)
Language: English
Paperback: 78 pages
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Sadhguru speaks with a dispassionate and humorous evenhandedness, reminding us that the distinction between the internal and external is a trivial quibble over semantics. In both cases, the answer, he tells us, is to assume total responsibility for our lives – to take charge of the “self-start button” in order to transform our interiority: “Today, we have learned to control our climate with modern technology…Similarly, there’s a science and technology to control our inner climate.” And again: “If we don’t have peaceful human beings, having a peaceful planet is just a pipe dream.” And yet again: “Misery is always self-created.”

Sadhguru addresses the predicament of the modern mind and the modern world with unsparing precision and lucidity. As a guru, he represents a long-standing border insurgent himself – one for whom the final frontiers between life and death, matter and spirit, inner and outer lives, no longer pose any barriers.


“See, today, we have learned to control our climate with modern technology. Suppose the outside atmosphere is cold and our bodies don’t like it, we create seventy degrees Fahrenheit here, the way we want it, the way our bodies like it. So we are controlling the external atmosphere the way we want it. Similarly, there’s science and technology to control our inner climate, which we have not applied sufficiently.”  – Sadhguru, Ancient Technology for the Modern Mind

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