Unique aromatic sticks from the cult perfumer from the Mapsa RamaKrishna made from natural materials by hand.

Manufacturing: RamakrishnaIncense, India
Gross weight (to calculate shipping): 60 g
Net weight (package weight): 20 grams


Weight60 g

Net Weight

20 g


Frangipani is a small genus of 7-8 species that grows in tropical and subtropical America. The genus consists mainly of deciduous shrubs and trees. P. rubra, which grows in Mexico, Central America and Venezuela, produces white, yellow to pink flowers. Plumeria have spread from Mexico and Central America to all the tropical regions of the world, especially Hawaii, where they grow so abundantly that many people think they are native to these regions.

Just light a Frangipani fragrance stick and you get a feeling of spring, a stronger romantic mood, love and passion! Frangipani fragrance consists of a unique bouquet of floral scents, and also includes notes of fresh and juicy fruit. This fragrance blends in easily and adorns any room where incense from RamaKrishna is burnt.

In case you didn’t know, Frangipani is a flower of amazing beauty. It also has another name – plumeria. If you’ve ever been to Asia, you’ve probably seen this snow-white flower with a bright yellow heart.

The scent of the plumeria is so strong that its sweet and slightly intoxicating scent spreads over a long distance.

The frangipani has an excellent relaxing effect. When inhaled deeply, it can relieve nervous and muscular tension, soothing not only the body but also the soul. Frangipani incense has a surprisingly easy way of creating a unique romantic mood. Apart from all this, it is also a mild and natural aphrodisiac, which can also be used when needed in life.

This scent is so pleasant that it perfectly improves your mood and puts everyone around you in a positive mood. It’s perfect for friendly gatherings and cosy parties. The relaxing and energising ingredients of this incense will be indispensable for romantic evenings and dates.


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