Guru Padmasambhava Statue

Purchase a statue of Guru Padmasambhava, known as the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, to bring the energy of wisdom and spirituality into your home or office. Crafted with skill from high quality material, this statue is a symbol of well-being and enlightenment. Buy now at Goabay and enjoy worldwide shipping.


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The statue of Guru Padmasambhava, also known as Padmasambhava Rinpoche or the Lotus Lamp Prophet, is an important figure in Buddhism. He is considered the founder of Tibetan Buddhism and one of the main teachers and models of wisdom and enlightenment.

The statue of Guru Padmasambhava is made with great care and attention to detail. It embodies the image of a wise teacher sitting in meditation with a book in his hand and a rod in the other hand. Its iconography symbolizes enlightenment, prosperity, and protection from obstacles.

This statue is not only an object of visual admiration, but also serves as a reminder to seek wisdom and the path of enlightenment. It can be placed in your home, office, meditation space or other places where you wish to bring an atmosphere of spirituality and harmony.

Padmasambhava, also called Guru Rinpoche, Tibetan Slob-dpon (“Teacher”), or Padma ‘Byung-gnas (“Lotus Born”), (flourished 8th century), legendary Indian Buddhist mystic who introduced Tantric Buddhism to Tibet and who is credited with establishing the first Buddhist monastery there.

Comes with Jung, Sung, Clothes (Namzas). Made from Brass

Size chart

  • Small 9″
  • Medium 12″
  • Large 15″
  • *approximately


  • Sizes are for height Please note, image is of 12″ statue. Painted colors may be different from the depicted images. Larger the size, better the carving quality.
  • Please note that the weights shown are approximate and may vary slightly from product to product.


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