Himalaya Pain Relief Massage Oil

Effectively warms up muscles, stimulates blood circulation, dampens pain and stops the inflammatory processes.

Manufacturing: Himalaya Herbals, India
Net weight (net product): 100 ml
Gross weight (to calculate shipping): 200 g


Weight200 g

Himalaya Herbals India


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Analgesic Oil for quick removal of the neuro-muscular pain, back pain, arthritic pain, as well as for a relaxing massage for muscle fatigue and general fatigue of the body. Thanks to the rich natural composition effective massage oil warms up the muscles, activates blood circulation, dampens pain and stops the inflammatory processes.
The oil has a pronounced analgesic effect, reduces pain and stiffness in joints, muscular pain eliminates, has a relaxing effect and can be used for removing discomfort at high load on the muscles, joints, spine. It helps to relieve sharp pain in muscles and joints as a result of pinched nerve, exposure to cold, drafts.

Instructions for use:

Apply the required amount of oil on the skin in the affected area or for a relaxing massage, a fully to the whole body.
Commit light body massage until completely absorbed massage oil. For best results it is recommended to take a warm shower after the massage.

Attention! Avoid applying oil on damaged skin and open wounds.


  • Acorus Calamus,
  • moringa,
  • Himalayan cedar,
  • serdtsevidnolistnaya oxide,
  • ginger


  • neuromuscular pain,
  • and fatigue in the body


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