Indian Oils

The procedure of oils in India has ancient roots. Aromatic oil of sandalwood was applied to the hair, almond or coconut oil was used for massage. Ayurveda attaches great importance to these procedures. Moreover, with oil the body was cleaned from the inside, digging it into the nose, spilling hour after hour on the forehead. Not for nothing Indian oils were an expensive commodity in Europe and earned world fame. Some essential oils are produced here only from unique plants. The spectrum of their application is wide enough and the properties are simply magical. With the addition of spices and extracts wonderful means are obtained to relieve tension and pain, to fight cellulite, to relax and stimulate the brain, to awaken the libido and restore the body at a deep level. Many medicines are prepared on the basis of natural oils for the treatment and prevention of inflammatory processes. Noteworthy and well-known oils of Indian production – they can be bought inexpensively without doubt in quality.