Speman for men’s health. The drug is used for erectile dysfunction, sexual weakness due to heavy loads, decreased sex drive, prostatitis, low quality and quantity of sperm, insufficient sperm motility, problems with conception.

Manufacturer: The Himalaya Drug Company
Volume: 60 capsules
Gross weight (weight for calculation of delivery): 100 g
Dosage: initially 2 tablets twice a day, then 1 tablet twice a day or as directed by a doctor

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Speman is a natural remedy that acts to improve the reproductive functions of men. Its active components improve blood supply to the pelvic organs, stimulate spermatogenesis, reduce sperm viscosity and increase sperm motility. It stimulates sexual desire, exerting an aphrodisiac effect, and also supports optimal hormonal levels.

Reduces symptoms in benign prostatic hyperplasia, eliminates inflammation in the pelvic organs. It positively affects the contraction of seminal vesicles, and also contributes to the development of full-fledged sperm and healthy sperm. It is often recommended by urologists as an aid in infertility and prostate adenoma.

The drug is used for erectile dysfunction, sexual weakness due to heavy loads, decreased sex drive, prostatitis, low quality and quantity of sperm, insufficient sperm motility, problems with conception.

Active components:

  • Astercantha longifolia (Astercantha longifolia). A powerful aphrodisiac, which is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine for diseases of the genitourinary system in men.
    Hot Mukuna (Mucuna pruriens). It is a strong male aphrodisiac. It helps to increase male fertility, stimulates the secretion of seed, increases the concentration of motile sperm in semen, strengthens potency, and normalizes erection. Studies have shown that burning Mukuna contains an amino acid that, under the influence of biochemical processes, can easily be converted into a neurotransmitter, similar to dopamine, which is responsible for states of pleasure, satisfaction and a sense of relaxation, as well as involved in the course of cognitive processes, the regulation of memorization of information, a sense of interest, motivation. And it was this extremely valuable similarity with dopamine that caused the plant to be used to treat psychological and sexual disorders.
  • Argyrea beautiful (Argyreia speciosa). It affects the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, providing a tonic and anti-aging effect. Causes arousal
    Mesh leptadenia (Leptadenia reticulata). One of those tools that effectively restore and maintain vitality and endurance of the body. The name of the plant from the ancient Sanskrit language means as “giving life energy”. It is believed that it prevents signs of physical exhaustion and compensates for the deficiency of internal strength. The plant is used to improve overall health, maintain the urogenital system and strengthen
  • Golden mosaic (Svarnavanga) is a specially refined gold and processed powder using herbs. The tool rejuvenates the body, improves speratogenesis, acts as an aphrodisiac, restores the hormonal system and adrenal glands. Increases lbido, strengthens stamina, gives vigor, stimulates the reproductive system
  • Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris). Helps to improve the urinary system, has a tonic effect. It has a selective anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic effect on the urinary system. It improves sperm quality, increases potency and serves as an excellent means of preventing prostatitis and adenoma. Restores the balance of Vata dosha. In addition, it helps with diseases of the liver and kidneys. Cleans them due to the significant content of silicic acid. Helps with joint diseases. It helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body, eliminates edema, and is used in the treatment of urolithiasis.
    Instructions for use:

Benign prostatic hyperplasia: 2-3 times a day, regardless of food intake, 2 tablets each (in the future, the dose is gradually reduced); oligospermia: 3 times a day for 2 tablets in a course of 4-6 months. The drug is recommended to be taken as directed and under the supervision of a specialist.


each tablet contains extracts of beautiful Argyrea (Argureria speciosa) – 64 mg, Hokshura (Tribulus terrestris) – 64 mg, Leptadenia (Leptadenia reticulata) – 64 mg, Parmelia (Parmelia perlata) – 32 mg, powders: Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) – 130 mg, Asterscantha longifolia (Asteracantha longifolia) – 64 mg, Wild lettuce (Lactuca serriola) – 32 mg, Mucuna burning (Mucuna pruriens) – 32 mg, Golden mosaic (Svarnavanga) – 32 mg.


symptomatic treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, decreased sperm motility, oligospermia, chronic or acute prostate diseases, male infertility; premature ejaculation, decreased libido and other dysfunctions; adenoma; inflammatory processes in the genitals.


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