Indian Food

About half of India’s population is engaged in agricultural production. Since ancient times climatic conditions have contributed to this. Cotton, rice and sugar cane receive the necessary moisture during the rainy season and barley and wheat feel fine dry and hot in the winter. Harvesting takes place all year round.

The production of foodstuffs is steadily growing due to the improvement of the irrigation system of lands, the use of quality seeds and fertilizers. Supply of Indian food is carried out around the world. A significant share of exports are grains and its basis is the famous tea and coffee. About 470 million tons of tea are produced each year. A significant part of the world market for spices also belongs to India – it is 30%. Of great interest are Indian healthy foods for those who watch their health or follow a vegetarian diet. Excellent quality, compliance with world standards, low price attract wholesale buyers. The possibility of ordering through online stores facilitates the search for suppliers and guarantees prompt delivery. It is so pleasant to please yourself and your loved ones with amazing dishes of Indian cuisine from authentic products with the flavors of those spices that you will never forget.