How to have fun in Goa?

If you decide to spend your free time not on the couch, or more radically – not even on the territory of the country, pay attention to the smallest state in India – Goa. Despite the fact that this is one of the smallest in area region and the infrastructure here is not as well […]

Chyawanprash – a unique supplement

Our body often suffers in the winter due to lack of elements that support all the necessary functions of the body, including the immune system to the proper level. Unfortunately, the selection of the plant components of a healthy diet is reduced, and the need to take additional vitamins and minerals than the more natural, […]

Attractions of India – Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal – the certificate of power of a great people. From the first days of the ancient Indian civilization created all new samples of material culture. This – came from time immemorial the mute but expressive witnesses to the mighty talent and amazing hard work of many generations of Indians. Some of the monuments […]