Preparations Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir from India

Last TOP pharmaceutical development in the field of generics, known worldwide under the brand name Sovaldi, with great speed has achieved popularity among people who are in search of a drug for the treatment of hepatitis C. Among the most important advantages the almost complete absence of side effects, which have become rarer and less pronounced, low duration of use and proven effectiveness.
Our days, taking sofosbuvir from India, disappeared the need for aggressive alpha interferons during treatment of hepatitis C. The active drug substance is initially reduces the activity of genetic enzymes that contribute to reproduction of the virus body in the human body, and then completely destroy them.

According to the statements of the World Health Organization, daclatasvir and sofosbuvir drugs against hepatitis C have priority in the modern pharmaceutical industry.

In 2014 NatcoPharma company became the first official manufacturer sofosbuvir and daclatasvir in India, having received a license for the production of the German company GileadScience. Preparations of NATCO PHARMA LTD in Russia have gained a reputation as extremely positive from patients and doctors. Medications for hepatitis C production NATCO PHARMA LTD have a serious credibility in the world of pharmaceuticals and are recognized by the US FDA organization, as the most effective drugs to counter the virus.

Sofosbuir price

The cost of the minimum treatment sofosbuvir in the United States of America- from 75 000 $ to 160 000 $. Not much better is the situation in the European Union, where the price of the medicine is 40 000 euros to 95 000 euros for the course.

Where to buy sofosbuvir?

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation plans to produce generic counterparts in Russia after 2017. Sofosbuvir price in Russia will amount to approximately 700 000 to 1 450 000 rubles for a course of treatment.

Our days, it opens the opportunity for people in search of sofosbuvir where to buy, place order with indian manufacturer. Whereas a great status that earned sofosbuvir, reviews of which are known only on the positive side, order drugs from India directly from manufacturer is now much more profitable and safer.

Sofosbuvir order.

As a result, the release now Natco Pharma assortment of similar super-expensive foreign drugs generic sofosbuvir is now available for order worldwide people seeking to cure hepatitis C. Buy sofosbuvir India possible for a much lower price- $ 600 for the course in 12 weeks with the delivery.

Release form and dosage of the drug Hepcinat- tablets 400mg, 28sht. packaged. Identical shape and drugs Hepcinat LP, and Natdac preparation (active substance daclatasvir). These drugs for hepatitis C is significantly cheaper (up to 40 times!) And did not differ from other similar products by anything other than the brand. Patients that require inexpensive to buy sofosbuvir in India, indian manufacturers offer products at the best price.

Sofosbufir buy.

Patients who have decided to buy sofosbuvir in India, have a huge range from indian manufacturers:

    • sofosbuvir (sofosbuvir) brands Hepcinat, Sofovir, MyHep and others,
    • daklatasvir (daclatasvir) brands Daclahep, Natdac,
    • combination sofosbuvir (sofosbuvir) and ledipasvir (ledipasvir) brands HepcinatLP, Ledifos and others.

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  1. sash-babichev

    Добрый день!
    Интересует стоимость препаратов софосбувир и даклатасвир курс на 12 недель (3 мес.)
    А так же стоимость доставки г. Тверь.

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    Интересует стоимость препаратов софосбувир и даклатасвир курс на 12 недель (3 мес.)
    А так же стоимость доставки г. тула

    1. order

      Доброго времени, Олег!

      На сегодняшний день стоимость препаратов софосбувир+ даклатасвир в Индии, курс 12 недель (3уп+ 3уп), от 430$ в зависимости от Производителя.

      Полный прайс- лист по данной группе товаров отправлен Вам на электронную почту.

      Официальная доставка от Производителя во все страны Мира- полный набор необходимых экспортных документов включен.

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      Текущая цена за курс софосбувир+ даклатасвир из Индии от 450$ (3 месяца/12 недель). Доставка+ страховка включены.

      Стоимость доставки+ страховка от утери и неполучения 40$.

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    Hello! Please send me a list of the cost of drugs sofosbuvir and daclatasvir. As well as the cost of delivery in Karaganda, Kazakhstan.

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