Murivennai Thailam, 100ml

Herbal remedy for wounds and beneficial for pains associated with arthritis, sprains and fractures.


Weight150 g

Volume / Объём

100 ml

Isn’t it interesting how the name Murivennai finds its origins in the Malayalam words, ‘Murivu’ which means ‘wound’ and ‘Enna’ which means oil? A traditional herbal supplement, Murivennai Tailam is effective for quick recovery from fresh wounds as well as chronic wounds and ulcers.

An all-natural formulation, it also plays a strong role in relieving pain and lowering inflammation associated with arthritis, sprains, and fractures. Plus, Murivennai Tailam is known to offer strength to your muscles, ligaments, bones and joints. Such powerful benefits make it a must-have Tailam in every household!

Product Details

  •           100% herbal and natural
  •           Known to be effective in treating fresh and chronic wounds
  •           Relieves pain associated with arthritis, sprains and fractures
  •           Strengthens muscles, ligaments, bones and joints

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