Pinda Thailam, 100 ml

Used to treat joint pain and muscle pain, this traditional Ayurvedic formulation is known for its cooling and healing properties.


Weight150 g

Volume / Объём

100 ml

What can an Ayurvedic formula created from natural medicinal ingredients like beeswax, manjistha, sal and sesame oil do for your muscle health? It can help you effectively get relief from joint and muscle pain, apart from making your body feel lighter and refreshed.

Pinda thailam (oil), based on traditional Ayurvedic science, has unique cooling properties. Red in colour, this healing oil can work effectively in helping reduce pain, redness and swelling, when applied topically. A gentle massage can go a long way in soothing all your pain areas!

Product Details

  •        Traditional Ayurvedic formulation with 100% natural ingredients
  •        Can treat joint and muscle pain
  •        Can help reduce pain, redness and swelling

How to use it?

Shake well and heat the oil before applying on the pain area.

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