Sesa Ayurvedic Hair Oil

A therapeutic, analgesic for all skin types. Promotes accelerated healing of wounds, cuts, burns, prevents the introduction of infection and the formation of a bacterial environment.

Manufacturing: Ban Labs, India
Net weight (net product volume): 20gr
Gross weight (weight for calculation of delivery): 60gr


Weight200 g

Ban Labs

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Sesa hair oil is an Ayurvedic hair oil that has been developed to combat all hair problems and will give you effective results. This organic oil is a mixture of various herbs, filled with medicinal properties that support and accelerate the growth of hair. This Sesa hair oil is filled with natural ingredients, because no one better than the mother Earth can solve your hair problems.


  • oil of Indian gooseberries
  • licorice
  • Brahma
  • datura metel
  • triphala
  • centella asiatica
  • eclipta alba
  • jatamansi

This perfect combination of Ayurveda and knowledge allows you to get the kindness of nature in a bottle. A strong mixture of these ingredients prevents and cures alopecia (hair loss), cures head skin infections and prevents damage to UV hair.


Regularly massage the hair with this oil and improve the texture of your hair, improving the melanin content in your hair, and also providing a hairy scalp so that your strands are always enriched. This rich ayurveda oil contains essential nutrients and ingredients that help to accelerate hair growth due to increased blood circulation on the scalp. Regular use of oil will reward you with reduced hair loss, gray and dry, itchy scalp.


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