Pants from India

The pants were barely worn in India before the arrival of Muslims in India. Today it is impossible to imagine a world without this attribute of a male and female wardrobe. In addition to the usual trousers and jeans you can change the style of trousers with oriental colors. “Afghani” or “Alladins” are a variety of trousers. The model features free cutting, low groin and fixing up and down with elastic bands or a lace. These pants are ideal for practicing yoga and sports, traveling. In the hot summer, adherents of an active way of life will appreciate the comfort of natural materials, of which sarouels are usually sewn. Monochrome or with print they always attract attention and look boldly, exotic. Suitable for men and women and not at all tied to the classical dimensions. A variety of colors, finishes, additions in the form of pockets allows you to build a whole image. Buy such a universal thing of high quality and at a reasonable price can be in our online store.