Indian jewelry and jewelry

About 5,000 years ago, according to historians, the people of India began to make their first jewelry. These were not just jewelry, but powerful amulets and important symbols. Endless inspiration for the masters was nature. And still we find these motifs in bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. Shine of precious stones is intended to convey the purity of dew drops, the tenderness of flower petals, the juiciness of ripe fruit.

Jewelry in India is a national wealth, a reflection of culture and mentality.

Few modern women of fashion think about the ancient roots and symbolism of jewelry.

Jewelry was designed to activate the chakras, protect from the evil eye, increase the well-being of the family and success in the affairs of the spouse. By far, the most popular gift for any holiday in India is jewelry. Husbands honor traditions and thus contribute to the prosperity of their business. It is through a woman that wealth and happiness will come to the house. For the bride there is a special set of jewelry from 16 elements. He is called Shringar and is associated with the veneration of the goddess Sri Lakshmi – she is responsible for material wealth, fertility, beauty. The set consists of bracelets on arms and legs, rings, jewelry for the head, belt, etc.

Of particular importance in jewelry was given to the materials from which they were made. Gold was in high esteem, but it was recommended to be worn only on the upper half of the body as a sign of respect to the goddess Lakshmi. Silver was most often used for legs. It was not by chance that stones, colors, ornaments and forms of jewelry were also chosen.


A special element is bracelets – without them, a married woman will never leave the house. It is believed that their ringing reports about her presence, about the need for attention to her. There is even a “Bracelet ceremony”: a woman wears bracelets throughout her pregnancy, the sound of which distracts demons from the baby. It is believed that the bracelets on the legs scare away snakes, in addition to the fact that they effectively emphasize the elegant ankles.


Decorate fingers and toes, but at the same time stimulate important points on the body associated with internal organs. So the rings on the toes, which are worn in pairs on the left and right, massage the nerve endings responsible for harmonizing the menstrual cycle and the reproductive system.

What Indian jewelry to buy?

In the modern world, the practical significance of Indian jewelry has given way to their aesthetic value. Fashion for Asia in one form or another wakes up almost every season. Bright jewelry perfectly combined with strict outfits, and with everyday outfits.

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How to choose Indian jewelry?

The choice of jewelry is a kind of meditation for a woman. Focus on intuition and positive emotions awakened by watching and trying on. Consider the features of your wardrobe, as well as individual features – face shape, proportion. If you want to combine the beautiful with the useful, then do not forget about the individual compatibility of stones, metals, which can have a significant impact on your mood, energy and temperament.