Shoes from India

Those who consider India a poor and hot, barefoot country will be surprised by the variety of traditional shoes here. In ancient times it was made of wood and flexible plants and later people began to use animal skin and metal. Now bright and unusual paduki sandals or chappals decorated with multi-colored pompoms and silk-embroidered jutti have become popular souvenirs among tourists. And in rural areas and even in large cities, locals are still happy to use such kind of shoes for every day or for holidays. But modern mods prefer European models that correspond to the latest global trends. Their requests will also satisfy Indian-made shoes. Now many well-known brands open their branches in India, transfer workshops for sewing, buy raw materials. This makes quality shoes more affordable. High-quality men’s shoes, stylish sneakers, elegant women’s sandals, cute children’s sandals – all of this is present in large numbers in local noisy bazaars and also exported abroad. You can order Indian shoes in online stores. Now buy the model you like at an affordable price and even wholesale has become even easier!