Ode to Goa

Dream of paradise beaches and find yourself on the wide sandy palm of the wayward Arabian Sea. Wish to plunge into Bollywood passions and wake up in the half-asleep bliss of a fishing village. Imagine a ride on an elephant through the jungle and ride an old scooter on a dusty roadside. Go to India and get to Goa! Out of a million opinions – from ecstatic shouts to an overt curse – and not understand what attracts people here? Those who renounce “no more foot” calmly sip watermelon juice in the shadow of reed shacks. Those who called the second Motherland mother-India, are haunted by the aroma of masala in their native apartments on winter cold nights.

Those who say “Goa is freedom!” are right. Indeed in the first place it is freedom from expectations and plans. You will hear hundreds of stories about how someone went out for bread and returned home after 3 days with an armful of unforgettable impressions, a broken heart and a new best friend … but without bread. Make an appointment and wait two hours in the sun; be shocked by the road chaos and travel half the state on a scooter; not knowing English and saying “for life” until the evening with the seller of vegetables is also about Goa.

Here, of course, you get to know a different culture, customs, rhythm of life. But first and foremost, Goa introduces you to yourself. And so now you will return to family and friends or maybe stay here for a month, two, three … And the careless wind will get entangled in your hair and thoughts for a long time, the colors of sunrises and sunsets will be reflected in your eyes, birds singing, Chipmunks’ cries, tunes from distant temples will turn into your own daily mantra.

For the inhabitants of the megalopolis cows peacefully walking along the roads, lazy dogs on the beach, hectic chickens, funny crabs and stately white herons – all this is a real miracle! A curious child wakes up inside us and truly rejoices at such trifles. People create magic around: Indians smiling and completely uncomprehending your language, relaxed and friendly goans, creative and sometimes a little crazy Europeans, seasoned Russian winterers and tourists from all over the world crazed by a wide variety of emotions. Intoxicated by the uniqueness of the moment you want to hug everyone. From the heart love spreads all over the body, which is mixed with gratitude: to yourself for the courage to leave a comfortable apartment, fly thousands of kilometers and be here; the world – for the versatility and inexhaustible ability to surprise.

Perhaps Goa is truly a paradise, but not absolute, but only one that each of us could create!

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