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How and where do I start medical tourism? Rest is an absolute health benefit! And if the amendment of well-being becomes a vital necessity? Did you know that India can offer not only the hot beaches of Goa, the magnificent palaces of Rajasthan and the incredible Taj Mahal, but also dozens of licensed medical institutions to get rid of all kinds of ailments?

And it’s not just about Ayurvedic retreats in Kerala. For those who trust traditional medicine the doors of private clinics and public hospitals with modern equipment are open. And there are more and more people willing – about half a million medical tourists a year, who according to forecasts in 2022 will increase the profit of this industry to 144 billion dollars.


Prices for medical services

Even a cursory comparison of the cost of treatment in the USA, Europe and India confirms the validity of the choice of Western patients in favor of an exotic country:

  • Coronary bypass surgery – $ 130,000 in the United States and $ 11,000 in India
  • Hip replacement – $ 43,000 in the US and $ 10,000 in India
  • Bone marrow transplant – $ 260,000 in the United States and $ 70,000 in India
  • Facelift – $ 9,000 in the US and $ 5,000 in India
  • Nose surgery – $ 6,500 in the United States and $ 2,500 in India
  • Dental implant – $ 3,500 in the US and $ 500 in India

With such a significant difference in price the operations are performed by experienced surgeons who have been educated abroad; attendants comply with European standards; uses advanced equipment and the latest medical developments.

For other Asian countries this is a phenomenal level of services to which their residents don’t have access even for big money in their homeland. You can clearly see where the stereotype of a Hindu medical doctor comes from. As a matter of fact, this image is being consciously reinforced by clinics from Penjab peninsula and it has become a major part of the national economy.

Many clinics invest an abundance of money in the marketing of their services in Europe and the U.S and they do it just like major brands around the world such as coca-cola. They even hire marketing companies strictly for youtube like The Marketing Heaven, who secure likes and views for their promotional clips and new subscribers for the channel itself.

Medicines from India

Лекарства из Индии, Медицинский туризм

Don’t forget that the country is the world pharmaceutical leader. Read more. The GoaBay team is not for nothing staking on Indian drugs – it is an effective means at affordable prices. By delving into the study and analysis of this area we introduce you to the best generics that save lives.

During the ordering process we directly contact the manufacturers, we take into account the recommendations of the attending physicians. And if the question arises about the feasibility of treatment in India we recommend to do it. For patients with severe diagnoses — oncology, HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis — such trip could be the beginning of a new healthy life.

Clinics in India

Here is a list of the most popular online clinics:

  • Apollo (Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Punjab and Calcutta)
  • Fortis (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai)
  • Columbia Asia (Bangalore)
  • Wockhardt (Bangalore and Mumbai)
  • Aster (Kochi)
  • Care Hospitals (Hyderabad)
  • Narayan Health (Bangalore)

Some of these hospitals have shown interest in the state program for the provision of additional FREE medical care for foreign tourists adopted in 2009. In general the government strongly supports this area: the opening of special travel agencies, focused strictly on patients, is welcomed. Infrastructure is being created and improved to increase comfort at all stages of medical tourism.

Medical tourism

Медицинский туризм, Medical tourism

Even those vacationers who flew to Goa and by coincidence (complications during acclimatization, poisoning, road accidents) turned to local hospitals wil confirm the high level of services provided. By the way from 2018 medical insurance for the entire stay in India becomes mandatory. In general all staff of licensed and accredited institutions speak English.

Medical tourism Pros and cons

With all the obvious advantages there are also disadvantages of treatment in India:

  • The number of high-level clinics doesn’t match the increasing demand for them.
  • The situation outside the sterile hospital may shock a foreigner. In this case the medical staff is not responsible for what may happen to you on the streets adjacent to the institution.
  • The mentality and traditions of the country. For travelers this is a reason for philosophical conversations and the opportunity to “pump” acceptance, and seriously ill patients doesn’t have time and effort for it.


If the topic of medical tourism in India is relevant to you then you should take care of:

  • Visa – it can be a standard tourist (including electronic) or special medical (Medical Visa is issued on the basis of a letter of invitation from the receiving medical institution).
  • Air tickets
  • Accommodation – most often included in the course of treatment, but there are exceptions.
  • Translator – better clarify about the possibilities in the selected clinic.
  • Documents – for the purchase of certain drugs requires a prescription certified by the attending physician and translated into English.

On our site you can find current information on these items, as well as a large selection of certified drugs.

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