Why Indian cows are sacred animals?

Everyone knows that the Indian cows is a sacred animal. Have you ever wondered why? There are a lot of opinions, and all of them can be divided into two groups – religious and non-religious causes. First we will write about religious causes.

Ancient Hindu scriptures tell: if you want to reach the heavens after death you have to cross the river, and you can do it only if you will hold the cow’s tail. God Shiva used to drive not by horse. He had a sacred cow known  as Nandi. Krishna (God Vishnu in the human body), was a shepherd for a long time and spent lots of time with cows.

корова в Индии, Indian cows

Now let ‘s remember normal life at an Indian village. The cow gives milk, and this milk is the most popular product in the country, because even traditional masala tea is made of the milk. The same situation with ghi oil. Every Indian family uses ghi oil to prepare their food, and this oil is also produced from milk.

Indian cows

Also the cows are used as a cheap vehicles. Many Indian families cannot afford to buy a tractor, and the cow is an excellent at ploughing fields. Cows are ideal for another agricultural needs, for example they are good for crop transportation. And Indian family is able to save money cause they don’t need to use a petrol!

корова в Индии, Indian cows

And the last important thing is.. cow dung! There are lots of ways Indians can use it. For example, dried cow manure is collected, dried in the sun and then used as fuel, which burns perfectly, and smoke and smell from it is perfectly protect from mosquitoes. Also cow dung is used – attention – in construction! Dung is generally filled with holes and slits in the walls and roofs of poor Indian houses. And of course manure is a wonderful fertilizer in gardening.

And finally! Hindu does not eat meat that’s why there are lots of vegetarians in India.

We hope that the question of why cows are sacred animals in India has revealed fully. If you still have any questions, message us! And we will help you 🙂

And please don’t forget! If you are traveling through India remember about the Indians’s sacred attitude towards cows. Don ‘t hurt cows, don ‘t hit them or push them. There is a common situation in India, when a cow accidentally go out on the road and created a large traffic jam, but none of the Indians would never chase away a cow. They will just wait, they might signal. That’s how India teaches us patience 🙂

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