Indian Tea

Tea was known 5,000 years ago in China and for a long time an infusion of leaves from a unique shrub was used exclusively for medical purposes. But scientists say that tea trees (trees, not bushes like in China) grow in different places of the earth and local people know about their properties since ancient times. In Japanese and Korean legends about the origin of tea there is an Indian trace. There is a version in the Indian legends about what the tea bush was found by Bodhidharma during his journey through China. The ancient national epic “Ramayana” also mentions this wonderful medicinal drink. The large-scale cultivation and production of tea in India began during the reign of the British.

At the moment, India occupies the second place after China in the world for the supply of tea. Basically it’s black tea. Names of varieties are consonant with the regions of cultivation: Assam, Darjeeling, Nilgiri.

The variety of Indian tea can be another surprise for you! Try an incredibly useful tea based on Tulsi – a kind of basil that is considered a sacred plant in India. Tea with a delicate aroma of jasmine, rose or bergamot. Soothing tea with natural mint. And the famous masala tea in which the power of black tea is revealed in combination with spices and milk. Ayurvedic teas with the addition of medicinal herbs and plants that promote weight loss or strengthen immunity. Elite white tea is also produced in India. All this can be bought at attractive prices on our website and arrange a great tea party for the joy of oneself and loved ones.