Indian Coffee

Historically the popularity of coffee among Indians themselves is inferior to tea. However, the country ranks 6th in the world among suppliers of invigorating grains, 70% of the crop is exported. Cofemans consider it a real luck to buy elite Indian varieties and blends. A magnificent Arabica is cultivated in the southern states of the country among the wild jungle. A slightly less capricious Robusta is common both in the South and in the North. In addition, local farmers have been brought out special varieties that have absorbed the warmth of the generous sun, the moisture of the tropical forests, the aromas of spices. They are also famous for unusual ways of processing beans. Coffee includes a large number of useful compounds containing phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, iron, calcium and other elements. The acid in the coffee when combined with caffeine has a good effect on digestion. Those who experiment or for some reason can not drink black coffee will be interested in mixtures with chicory. Its unique health benefits are known for a long time. You can order quality products of experts respected by brands in our online store.