Coffee Drink with Chicory weighty

Mix of natural ground coffee and powder of the root of chicory for the preparation of a fragrant and healthy drink.

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People know about the useful properties of chicory for a long time. Drink on its basis was particularly popular in France during the reign of Napoleon. Now days it is also in demand among people who lead a healthy lifestyle.

The main medicinal properties of chicory:

  • The high content of inulin – natural sweetener. Chicory helps reduce sugar and cholesterol in the body who is suffering diabetes. In addition, inulin promotes the growth of beneficial bifidobacteria and the absorption of calcium;
  • Promotes weight loss by normalizing the digestive system;
  • Does not contain caffeine;
  • Combination with ginger strengthens the heart muscle and dilates the vessels;
  • It is a source of energy and vivacity, activates the work of the brain;

Powder from fried or baked, and after the ground root of this plant is brewed with hot water, it is infused and can be consumed alone or mixed with coffee. We offer a ready-made combination of natural Indian coffee and chicory root powder in a 60/40 ratio, respectively.


  • natural ground coffee
  • chicory root powder


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