“Himalaya” – the story of brand’s success

The products of the Indian company “Himalaya” are so recognizable and popular that sometimes they are identified directly with Ayurveda by numerous tourists travelling around India. Often jars with treasured medicines, cosmetics and other products of this brand become useful souvenirs and gifts from the trip.

Brand history

It’s funny that the company owes its emergence to a semi-sacred animal in India – the elephants. In order to pacify the wayward animals, the drovers from ancient times added the roots of a certain plant to their food. Continue to do so in the present. This fact impressed Mohammed Manal, the founder of the “Himalaya” brand while travelling around Burma. His cherished dream was to revive ancient recipes, combining them with modern technology.

The dream came true in 1930. By the way, that very plant – the root of rauwolfia serpentine – was included in the composition of the drug that lowers blood pressure. It became the first medicine in the world of such an action and the starting point of the successful history of the “Himalaya” brand. This name was not chosen by chance: the snowy peaks of the great mountains in the north of India feed the purest rivers running down through cedar forests to the fabulous valleys. This region is considered the abode of the gods.

Places of enlightenment and spiritual unity with nature. Indians believe that the gods gave people a lot of medicinal plants for eternal life and health. And indeed, in the foothills of the Himalayas, there are unique herbs, fruits and minerals that are indispensable components of Ayurvedic treasures. Even the logo is permeated with the idea of the connection between man and nature.

Himalaya Products

The next product of the brand was Liv.52, contributing to the improvement of the liver in hepatitis. Since 1955, Liv.52 has been popular with consumers to the present.

The “Himalaya” brand produces a large amount of plant and mineral-based products for the treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases. It is prevention that focuses on traditional Indian science of healthy and happy life – Ayurveda. A large assortment of “Himalaya” dietary supplements is associated with this.

A huge number of people outside India are happy to buy the “Himalaya” product because it comes in more than 90 countries.

And in the late 90s a line of cosmetics based on Ayurvedic recipes – “Himalaya Herbals” was launched. But few people know that the release of goods for agricultural and later for pets “Companion Care” began in the same period.

Popular products and reviews

Even those of us who don’t know anything about Ayurveda will find in the assortment of the Himalaya brand that it is suitable for them because of the effect, pleasant aroma and hypoallergenic composition.

Experiment with the personal care products you use every day. So you can see impressive results in a couple of weeks. Triphala-based toothpaste or amla and neem shampoos, turmeric soap and shaving products are all inconvenient and attractive packaging, but taking into account the wisdom of the thousand-year history of traditional medicine of India. They don’t contain gluten, parabens, phthalates, dyes and flavors.

Хималая, Himalaya

Ayurveda from Himalaya

To use any brand of Ayurvedic medicines you should consult with your doctor in this area or contact an Ayurvedic specialist directly. Tablets for the treatment of urolithiasis, diseases of the liver, lungs, heart, digestive system, drugs for nervous disorders – all this and much more produces “Himalaya”. You can find completely different reviews, which once again emphasizes individuality – the main principles in the method of Ayurvedic treatment.

Himalaya tablets

Himalaya, tablets

For the prevention of diseases and maintaining the overall tone of the body are popular (including at the expense of affordable prices) dietary supplements, vitamins Himalaya. It is possible to choose the form of release – classic tablets or convenient capsules, for which animal gelatin is not used, which will especially please vegetarians. Positive recommendations received Triphala tablets to improve the gastrointestinal tract, ashwagandha capsules for nervous system tone, spirulina – a source of a huge number of useful trace elements, Shatavari for women’s health and much more.

Creams and gels

Special love deserved cream and gels for the face and body of the brand “Himalaya” for women who seek to preserve youth and natural beauty. Designed for different types of skin, age and individual characteristics, they provide a wide selection and variety. Face and hair masks, scrubs, lip balms are indispensable express care products for modern life in the city.

The manufacturers didn’t forget about the children: there is a special line of care products for babies (soap, powders, lotions, napkins) and products for older children.

Beware of counterfeit products

Unfortunately, popularity has a downside: in recent years Himalaya’s products have been copied and counterfeited. The risk of purchasing a product in a familiar package, but of a completely incomprehensible composition increases. This pushes people to buy goods in the country of origin. By the way, in India they constantly increase control and toughen penalties for counterfeiting famous brands.

Buy Himalaya brand products

In Goa “tourist” pharmacies are filled exactly with “Himalaya” products, since it is the most popular among visitors. Of course, if at the moment there is no opportunity to go on an interesting and healthy journey, then this is not a reason to refuse your favourite shampoo or Himalaya cream – you can always order it on Goabay.com with delivery from India.

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