Indian Spices

Spice is one of the synonyms of India! Spices glorified the country to the whole world on equal terms with precious stones and luxurious fabrics. The inhabitants of Hindustan seasoned food with fresh and dried herbs, crushed seeds, bark of trees since ancient times. In general the selection of Indian cuisine in a special category occurred precisely because of the fragrant and tasteful magic that many spices create. In Ayurvedic treatises spices appear as medicinal elements for the prevention and control of diseases, strengthening immunity. They will talk about the secrets of the beauty of local charmers. Not surprisingly Europe was valued for their weight in gold. Buying a pack of black pepper in a nearby store you hardly think about the fact that in the XIV-XV centuries it was equal to the half-yearly earnings of the average worker. Of course, many spices even today have a high price – saffron, vanilla, cardamom. But to get them now is much easier than during the Crusades. Curcuma, ginger, tubberry, cinnamon, cloves, chili will help you open the doors to the alluring world of Indian cuisine. By the way, there are special mixtures of spices – masala. All elements are selected in them in the right proportions and harmonious combinations for the preparation of poultry and fish, lamb and vegetables. There are many varieties of masala: with the addition of coconut and without, hot, sweetish. Until now, India is not inferior to the title of Princess Spice being the world leader in the production and supply of spices around the world. Touch the magic by placing an order in our online store.