Bags and Purses from India

Leatherworking in India has a long history of development and improvement. Secrets of production and processing, coloring have survived to this day. This contributes to the continuing popularity of women’s and men’s bags, purses and cases for phones from India.

The country ranks sixth among the world’s suppliers of leather and products from it. For some states this is one of the traditional crafts in which masters have reached perfection. Ladies’ clutches and hiking backpacks, capacious valise bags and waist bags – all this is done on conscience. Now Indian manufacturers follow world fashion trends and offer a stylish and competitive product.

In India they produce leather clothes and accessories for such brands as Pierre Cardin, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, DKNY, Hugo Boss.

Admirers of ethnic style will attract pretty embossed bags and wallets with motifs from local folklore and everyday scenes of life. They can combine several textures, different colors and bright decor. Do not forget about the strong tapestry backpacks, fabric bags with beautiful prints, cotton slings. They will be appreciated by adherents of the eco-style.

In addition, for vegetarians and all animals-lovers there is a large selection of worthy bags and accessories from artificial leather of the highest quality. Looking for a suitable model for yourself or preparing a gift for a man? Want to please the child with an original schoolbag? Buy an inexpensive and high-quality thing made of genuine leather or elite silk, durable cotton, hemp, jute fibers is also possible on the Internet: make an order on our website and get it in no time!