Indian Incense

Do not underestimate the importance of fragrances in our daily life! With the help of them you can raise your spirits, improve your health, wake up passion or adjust your mind to a working wave. Aromatherapy is one of the components of ancient Ayurvedic medicine. The enchanting Indian and Tibetan incense is still an indispensable attribute of religious rituals. They include known aromatic and medicinal substances, spices. You can consult with a specialist, pick up the fragrance according to the horoscope, by the rules of feng shui or just follow your inner sensation. Do not worry about the price: quality incenses are available and if you order them wholesale for example for a massage parlor or a meditative hall in a yoga school the price will be even more pleasant. But avoid very cheap options – most often it’s coal incense the content of natural flavors in which is much lower.

Buy sticks or cones, oil for aromatic lamps or concentrated mixtures for puffing – the choice depends on individual susceptibility, size of rooms and purposes. In addition, accessories such as a cradle or incense burner in the oriental style will complement the overall atmosphere of mystery and spirituality.