Indian Parfum

Even just pronouncing the word India we involuntarily catch an endless symphony of magical fragrances. The ancient masters of this country carefully kept the secrets of making incense and perfume. By the way, perfume was usually on an oily basis which allowed the fragrance to soak into the skin and not long leave its master. They are popular until now not inferior to chemical perfumery. Solid perfume – another exotic thing very convenient for travel and for everyday life. Already the names of plants and flowers from which they are made to stupefy the imagination: pandang, champak, kurna, bukol, henna. A little more familiar to us musk, amber, cibetin, backgammon, patchouli and couscous are invariable favorites of Indian perfumers. But the true queen of aromas is a rose and the king is Indian jasmine. Independently or in combination with sandalwood, aloe, tumeric, camphor and other aromatic substances they are part of the most exquisite compositions. Indian spirits are fondly loved by tourists and are a welcome souvenir. And if suddenly the beloved bottle ended before the planned vacation – it does not matter! You can order it on our website using the “Warehouse in India” service: we will find the necessary goods, we will buy it at the most favorable price for you and arrange delivery anywhere in the world.