Clothing and footwear from India

Textile production

Textile production is one of the oldest and most important industries for the Indian economy. Indian fabrics with an elegant design and rich decor were valued all over the world since ancient times. Some secrets of coloring are kept in secret until now. Large and small clothing and footwear stores are found at every step in major cities and in the smallest settlements of the country. But more and more often modern Indians use the services of online stores.

India ranks second in the world in the production of silk nowadays. Indian cotton and wool are equally popular. Some folk crafts of this sphere have become objects of cultural heritage and tourist interest:

  • unique silk saris;
  • clothing in national style with rich embroidery and inlay;
  • luxurious pashmina of the finest wool of yak;
  • shoes – shoes of mojody and jute with funny bells and weaves;

Indian national clothes

Indian national clothes are practical and suitable for hot summer, travel, sports and yoga due to natural materials and loose cut.

Special clothes and jeans, t-shirts, dresses and skirts of Indian manufacture are popular. A huge assortment of catalogs of official sites of clothes and footwear of popular brands is the confirmation of this. The fact is that many well-known European and American brands have opened branches of their productions here: reducing labor costs and availability of raw materials can reduce the cost of production without compromising quality.

Price – one of the obvious advantages of men’s, women’s, children’s and sportswear and footwear from India. In addition, a cheerful color scheme and an original cut – this is what allows you to diversify the familiar wardrobe and motivates for experiments with style.

Be bright and attractive!