Top 10 antioxidants in Ayurveda

Antioxidants in Ayurveda. Let’s face it – none of us wants to get old. And Ayurveda gives us plants that contain large amounts of antioxidants. They allow our body to fight ailments and maintain its youth as long as possible. Below we will write about each of these plants.

Antioxidants in Ayurveda

What are antioxidants?

They are usually called natural or synthetic substances that slow down oxidation in the cells of our body when free radicals damage the structure of proteins, lipids and other biomolecules. Below we will describe, of course, only natural antioxidants. They are excellent at fighting free radicals without damaging the integrity of DNA and cells, accelerating the body’s recovery process and increasing its resistance to infections. Plants rich in antioxidants include amla, green tea, curcumin, brahmi, tulsi, grape seeds, ginger, cinnamon, green coffee beans and milk thistle, and more. Below we will talk about the benefits of each of the listed.


antioxidants in Ayurveda

Amla is one of the 100 strongest antioxidants according to the ORAC rating (laboratory test Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity – “The volume of absorption of oxygen radicals”). The antioxidants in this fruit boost mental performance, improve memory and intelligence, and help treat senile dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, scientists have proven that amla reduces the manifestations of vitiligo. When taking amla in people with uremia (progressive kidney failure), the amount of antioxidants in the blood increased.

Green tea

antioxidants in Ayurveda

Green tea’s healing properties are provided by the polyphenols and antioxidants it contains. Its leaves also contain the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate. It helps prevent cancer, multiple sclerosis and HIV infection and promotes brain activity. But it is worth to remember that green tea should not be overused. Its rate per day should not exceed 500-750 ml.


antioxidants in Ayurveda

Curcumin is the yellow pigment in turmeric, which is by far the most studied antioxidant herb in the world. When compared in terms of activity, curcumin is on a par with vitamins C and E. The antioxidant properties of this substance help to eliminate inflammation in the intestines, and also protect the brain and liver from toxins arising from a large amount of alcohol consumed. In addition, curcumin improves the condition of the immune and nervous systems, joints and reduces oxidative stress in diabetes.


antioxidants in Ayurveda

This herb is not nearly as well-known as turmeric, but it is very high in vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant. Thanks to this vitamin, Brahmi heals blood diseases, purifies it, stimulates brain activity, promotes well-being in retirement and helps to increase life expectancy. Brahmi also has a beneficial effect on the skin: it rejuvenates it by stimulating collagen production, evens out skin tone and increases its elasticity. If you have mature skin, then brahmi is ideal for caring for it.


antioxidants in Ayurveda

Many people have heard or read about tulsi. It became popular in teas imported from India. Now it can be easily found in large stores or on our website. The strong antioxidant substances in tulsi protect the liver from damage, restore organ tissues and activate cellular and humoral immunity, i.e. protection against infections. Drinking tulsi drink daily lowers cholesterol levels, normalizes blood glucose levels and prevents the heart from oxidizing. To save your body from premature aging and prolong its youth, we recommend you drink tea with tulsi, as well as use various cosmetics containing extracts of this plant.

Grape seed extract

antioxidants in Ayurveda

Grape seed oils have long enjoyed well-deserved respect. Since they are loaded with a lot of polyphenols, they strengthen the walls of blood vessels and make them more elastic. As a result, you are less likely to experience swelling of your legs, your feeling of fatigue disappears. Grape seed extract lowers cholesterol and prevents blood clots. Thanks to its antioxidant activity, the extract protects your nervous system and helps reduce the risk of cancers in the lungs, prostate and breast, as well as kidney and skin cancers.


antioxidants in Ayurveda

Daily use of ginger in food removes toxins and improves immunity. Ginger is excellent at fighting viruses and germs. Tea with this powerful antioxidant has a beneficial effect on the skin. With regular use of ginger, it becomes younger, cleaner and more elastic. Ginger gives the complexion a radiance and fights premature wrinkles. And, importantly, the antioxidant substances contained in ginger treat various inflammations and skin rashes, thus eliminating acne.


antioxidants in Ayurveda

Familiar to many, cinnamon also has one of the highest antioxidant properties of all natural foods. Cinnamon is a source of flavonoid polyphenolic antioxidants that are effective in fighting inflammation. Consuming cinnamon on a regular basis reduces the likelihood of heart, vascular and cancer diseases, as well as impairment of brain function. The antioxidant properties of cinnamon protect the body from DNA damage and cell mutation, as well as normalize digestion.

Green coffee beans

antioxidants in Ayurveda

The unique effect of green coffee is provided by the strongest antioxidant – chlorogenic acid, which gets rid of free radicals and toxins. According to the ORAC rating, green coffee beans contain a high percentage of polyphenols and five rare, essential sugars, mono- and polysaccharides. Green coffee is rightfully considered healthier than black coffee, because during processing the beans lose their antioxidants. Intermittent consumption of green coffee actively prevents aging and maintains youth and beauty.

Milk thistle

antioxidants in Ayurveda

Milk thistle contains an extensive list of antioxidants: vitamins, minerals and various biologically active substances. Milk thistle normalizes metabolism, reduces liver inflammation and scarring, reduces exposure to harmful drugs and toxins, and helps liver cells repair. Also, the antioxidant properties of milk thistle protect the kidneys and improve reproductive function.

All of the above natural antioxidants effectively slow down aging, protect the body from negative environmental influences and diseases, preserve strength and beauty. Feel free to use them in your diet and stay healthy, beautiful and energetic.

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