Indian Headgear

Accessories from India are also very popular. You can always choose frombvariety something original, bright and colorful or more classic and restrained.

Local people in India have covered their heads since ancient times defending themselves against the scorching sun. To replace the handkerchiefs and turban came modern headdresses. Men’s, women’s and children’s caps of Indian manufacture are available in the markets and in stores, of course they can be ordered through the Internet. But in the north of the country people are more concerned about the warming – you can even find fur hats there. But handmade crochet hats from Nepal and the foothills of the Himalayas are more popular as practical souvenirs. They are suitable for adults and children, men and women with a sense of humor and a cheerful mood. Yarn from hemp and jute fibers is used for fans of eco-style in addition to wool.