Divya Patanjali Konark Agarbatti

Incense is named after the city of Konarak, famous for the ancient Temple of the Sun.

Manufacturer: Divya Patanjali (Patanjali Ayurveda)

Net weight (net product): 28gr

Gross weight (to calculate shipping): 50gr

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Incense is named after the city of Konarak, which thousands of pilgrims rush every year to visit the famous ancient Temple of the Sun. Touch the secret through the scent.

Aromatic sticks are made by hand using the best natural ingredients. Create a unique atmosphere of the mysterious East in your home or hall for yoga and meditation.

Instructions for use:

  • Light the edge of the incense stick
  • Lightly wave the wand, knocking the flame
  • Install the smoldering stick in a special stand
  • Attention! Burning incense sticks are a source of open fire. Do not leave the lit stick unattended.
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Weight50 g

Divya Patanjali


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