Indian Cosmetics For Hair

Whatever fashion trends prevail in the world, but healthy, shiny and thick hair is an enduring treasure of beauty especially for women. And in this respect, the Indians are considered a worthy example. There are still strong traditions that do not recommend the eastern woman to be cut short. After all, they believe that a huge power locks in hair, a pledge of the well-being of the family. And for such a wealth you need to look after with special respect. They turn again and again to nature for help. And did you know that the first shampoo in the world was invented in India? Initially, his role was performed by champa flower oil – it was rubbed into the head. Of course, advanced European chemists have derived a more convenient and practical formula of modern shampoo, but in search of a better we are increasingly turning to the sources. The range of Indian hair care products is not limited only to shampoo: gentle balsams, life-giving tonic, magic masks, powders and, of course, famous oils that promote growth and hair density. The modern industry of India has adapted many Ayurvedic recipes and offers a large selection of cosmetic products for women’s, men’s and children’s hair. The best of them are presented in the catalog of our online store.