Shahnaz Husain Professional Power Anti-Ageing Treatment

A luxurious set of Shahnaz Husain offers 7 steps to rejuvenate the face: cleansing, exfoliation, nutrition, toning, rejuvenation, strengthening, protection.

Manufacturer: Shahnaz Husain, India
Net weight (net product volume): 63g
Gross weight (weight for calculation of delivery): 120g


Weight120 g

Shahnaz Husain

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A luxurious set of Shahnaz Husain offers 7 steps to rejuvenate the face: a professional bio-moisturizing cleanser will gently remove impurities, exfoliate scrub will remove dead skin particles, a nourishing cream will take care of saturation of the skin with the necessary substances, a silicone tonic will give a charge of vivacity and make the skin more elastic , a professional anti-wrinkle pack will ensure smoothing of the skin, wrinkle gel will refresh the skin, protective cream – the final step.

Instructions for use:

  • Wipe your face with a professional cleanser with a cotton pad.
  • Apply the scrub and gently rub it with gentle circular motions, rinse with warm water.
  • Apply the nourishing cream on face and neck and massage for 15 minutes with a little water.
  • Make a cold compress with a chilled tonic for the skin.
  • Apply a face pack, avoiding the area of ​​the lips and eye area, rinse after completely drying.
  • Apply gel anti-wrinkle on face, massage gently, leave without washing off.
  • Wait a few minutes and apply a protective cream, leave it without rinsing.


1.Professional Power Bio-Hydrating CleanserNet Weight – 8 Gm
2.Exfoliating ScrubNet Weight – 8 Gm
3.Professional Power  Nourishing CreamNet Weight – 8 Gm
4.Professional Power  Skin TonicNet Volume – 15 Ml
5.Anti-Wrinkle MaskNet Weight – 8 Gm
6.Anti-Wrinkle GelNet Weight – 8 Gm
7.Covering CreamNet Weight – 8 Gm



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