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Warehouse in India

When using the Warehouse service in India, we will receive your order for your warehouse from any Indian online store.

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Comfort and convenience are one of the mottos of our company

If product you are interested in India you can not find on our store, using any of the available contact us as soon as possible and we will process any your individual order.

We offer our customers a wide range of payment methods

Prices for all goods and services in India established in Indian rupees. Payment amount can be automatically converted into any currency in agreement with the Buyer.

Sending of parcels is made by three postal services

We make shipment of goods in all countries of the world. The cost of delivery to your zip, you can always ask a question to the operator of one of any available contacts.

Indian goods by post

Any items you get on MRP- maximum retail price, which significantly ( several times ) less the purchase of goods from India in specialized stores on the territory of the Europe, Russia, USA, United Kingdom etc countries , as well as any other countries without exception.

Unlimited assortment of goods- everything that is allowed for mail delivery , according to the laws of India and the countries of the Recipient.

Years of experience in the formation and sending parcels. In any direction , taking into account the specifics of customs and other requirements of India and the countries of the Recipient.

Prompt resolution of any emerging issues (up to ” this is what I want ” ).

Fast shipping after matching range.

A wide selection of payment methods .
Uniform cost services- 1000Rs* (GoaBay Fee per 5kg parcel).

I am happy to answer any questions you may have.