Incense and Eau de Toilette from Rama Krishna

Rama Krishna is a famous perfumer from the city of Maps in the state of Goa. For over 20 years, he has been creating unique fragrances that were loved not only by the indigenous inhabitants of Goa, but also by guests from all over the world.

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You only need to send us your photo. And we will do the rest for you! And soon you will be able to enjoy this unique oriental aroma.

Not many people know, but Rama Krishna can create fragrances from a photograph! He "reads" information from the image and then creates! All such perfumes are bottled in special bottles and packed in gift bags. Therefore, you do not have to fly to India and visit the shop of Rama Krishna, you can do it online!

    Volume:: 10 ml - 550 Rs20 ml - 1100 Rs40 ml - 2200 Rs50 ml - 3300 Rs

    Ramakrishna’s Natural Handmade Incense Sticks and Oils

    If you ever been in Goa probably you know the name of Rama Krishna! Rama Krishna is a famous perfumer who is living in the small shopping town named Mapusa and located in the state of Goa, India. For more than 20 years he makes unique flavors and produces unique perfumes on an oil basis, which have loved not only by indigenous persons, but also by visitors from all over the world.

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