Ganesha Chaturthi Festival

While the dank autumn comes into its own in USA and Europe, the rainy season is calming down in India and a month later a new tourist season will begin in sunny Goa! But before the arrival of numerous guests, local people also need to have time to relax and have fun. And they have […]

Indian spices

Indian spices can be adored and hated, but avoiding them, traveling around the country, which is the birthplace of many of them, is simply not possible! You will meet them in the kitchen of each house, in cafes and restaurants, in pharmacies, tourist shops, in noisy bazaars and even in undergrowth beneath the hotel window. […]

Magical Placentrex Gel

The miraculous properties of the placenta were not a secret for the ancient Greeks, but for the modern world they were a real discovery. Active research in the field of the placenta is carried out by many European countries. But those who return after a holiday from India, increasingly bring with them as a practical […]


What is Yoga? Fashion hobby or deep philosophy? Yoga is inextricably linked with India and has been known to people for thousands years. The course on a healthy lifestyle in the modern world inspires more and more men and women to practice and study this ancient art. Sit comfortably in the lotus position, and let’s […]

India Independence Day

“Every day is a holiday” – you probably heard such an expression about India. Indeed, due to the rich history and diversity of religions and traditions prevalent in this country, one can get to some bright celebration every day in big cities and small villages. But meanwhile official holidays and weekends are much less than […]

Rain season 

It is pour outside the window, you get warm socks and make hot tea and don’t want to leave the house…do you think this is the classic scenario of your autumn? No, this is the rainy season in far-off India! What is the “Rains Season” in India? The rainy season or monsoon (from the Arabic […]

Goa’s attraction

India is not like any Asian country! It envelops a motley veil of mysteries, mysteries and amazing legends.  Tourists who arrive in Goa dream to unravel at least some of them and thus diversify their Indian vacation. Just want to note that Goa is not exactly India. The territory with part of the neighboring states Maharashtra […]